Cathy currently offers two workshops that are of interest for the Pilates teacher and for clients of the method. Each presentation includes photographs and stories about the history of Pilates and the people involved.

An Afternoon with Joe Pilates

Simona's Art of Control
Courtesy of The Art of Control/A Tradition Pilates Studio, by Joseph DeRuvo

Get to know the man behind the method. Separate fact from fiction. Learn about the people and events that shaped Joseph Pilates’ life from Germany to America. Cathy Strack presents stories, as they were told to her, from former clients and friends of Joe. Learn what he was like as a friend, a teacher, and a businessman. View unpublished photographs of Joe and some of his clients.

This is a 1 to 2 hour workshop that can be tailored for the audience.

The Life and Times of Romana Kryzanowska

Courtesy of Melanie Petri @ the Pilatesology Studio

Based on the book Love All Around by Cathy Strack (with Carol J. Craig). This workshop explores Romana’s life, her family background, and her influence in the world of Pilates. You will be fascinated by stories about her parents love affair, the antics of her aunts and uncles, and her chaotic childhood. Cathy shares how Romana evolved from a ballet dancer under the care of George Balanchine into an expert Pilates teacher under the guidance of Joseph Pilates. Explore Romana’s exotic life while she lived in Puerto Rico and Peru. Yes, she lived in Puerto Rico!  Learn how she spent her final years after having such an active and vital life.

This is a 1-2 hour workshop.

Please contact Cathy Strack through this website or on Facebook for more information about scheduling a workshop.

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