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Cathy Strack is a naturally curious person and she enjoys learning about how people live, work, and what motivates them. In her first career as a Licensed Mental Health Counsellor she developed the interview skills that have been useful for gathering information to write two biographies (about Romana Kryzanowska and Joseph Pilates).

To offset the physical effects of full-time office work, Cathy became a personal trainer and Pilates teacher. She began practicing Pilates in 2001 and completed her first certification in 2003 at White Cloud Studio in Cleveland, Ohio. She owned Precision Pilates studio, for over 10 years. For the past 15 years she has taken workshops with teachers associated with the Classical Pilates method. This includes one fantastic weekend with Romana in Arlington, Texas. Most recently, Cathy completed the Power Pilates Bridge program.  Along the way, she realized there was very little information about the man (Joseph H. Pilates) who developed the Pilates method, and less information about those entrusted to carry on his teachings. The desire to know more about these people led Cathy on a journey of research and interviews resulting in biographies titled Love All Around the Romana Kryzanowska biography and Get To Know Joe Pilates.

In conducting this research, Cathy uncovered a little-known publication by Joseph Pilates and Frederick Rand Rogers titled Return to Life Through Contrology. This fifteen page pamphlet contains new information about Pilates, along with endorsements by many of his clients. Cathy tells the story behind the pamphlet and offers it as The Pilates Pamphlet: Return to Life Through Contrology. A second edition is also now available: Jacob’s Pillow edition.

A third book is being planned in which Cathy will cover the lives of other first generation Pilates teachers. The working title is They All Go To Joe.

Cathy lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband and four cats. They enjoy going to Reds baseball games and Bengals football games. Cathy works as a Pilates teacher at BodyMind Balance ( when she is not busy writing.

Cathy is happy to share what she has learned about Joseph and Clara Pilates, Romana Kryzanowska, and their many clients and friends. She is available for public speaking engagements and workshop presentations. You can find her on Facebook as Cathy Barker Strack or on Instagram @cathycincinnati.

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