“I intend to be a very great ballerina and anything from which I can learn this difficult and beautiful art which I have chosen as my profession I welcome heartily.”
Romana, age 17
Picture3 Sari potrait
Portrait of Sari Kryzanowsky, Romana’s mother

Romana became a legendary teacher of the Pilates Method of exercise. This biography is the story of her life and the people that influenced her. Enjoy the journey as you meet her grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles; all who had a strong influence in her life.

And speaking of influence, we would be remiss in leaving out the lives of Joseph Pilates and George Balanchine. So along with telling Romana’s story, we parallel the lives of these two significant men.

Picture4 Roman potrait
Self Portrait of Roman Kryzanowsky, Romana’s father

Learn how she began as a ballet dancer and evolved into a world renowned Pilates teacher, raised a family, and lived a life full of adventure.

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