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Love All Around: The Biography of Romana Kryzanowska



The Pilates Pamphlet: Return to Life Through Contrology, First Edition

A reprinted and updated version of the original pamphlet issued in 1957 by Frederick Rand Rogers and Joseph H. Pilates, as the American Foundation For Physical Fitness. Cost includes postage. Contact Cathy Strack for a discount if you are interested in ordering more than 10 copies.


The Pilates Pamphlet Return to Life Through Contrology, Second Edition, Jacob’s Pillow

In this edition a copy of the introductory letter that was sent out to clients and prospective clients of Pilates is included. A brief history of Jacob's Pillow and the connection with Pilates is outlined. New updates feature Nedda Casei, an opera singer that took lesson with Joe three times a week for seven years. Joe's friend and personal barber, Tony Carlino, is also profiled.