Get to Know Joe Pilates by Cathy Strack

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There have been many men and a few women throughout history that have pushed us to embrace physical fitness and exercise in one form or another. The reasons for exercising are as numerous as there are people. The Pilates method addresses these reasons; aesthetic beauty, preparedness and self-defense, mental control, disease prevention and management, and good health to live an optimal life. This places big expectations on what the Pilates method of exercise can do for any individual. Joseph Pilates had high expectations for himself and others. He was demanding, uncompromising, and had unbridled enthusiasm and belief in his work. Here is his personal story to bring an understanding of the man behind the method.

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Get to Know Joseph Pilates

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Get to Know Joe Pilates

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Love All Around by Cathy Strack

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Joseph Pilates at the Pillow

Photograph 8×10 inches. Joe with clothes! And some of the dancers that he worked with at Jacob’s Pillow. Cost includes postage.


Tony Carlino and Joe Pilates

If you know Tony’s story, then you know how special these photos are. Tony was Joe’s friend and barber, and he inspired and entertained the Pilates community with his recollections of his time spent with Joe. 8×10 photo collage.


The Ring Magazine ad.

This ad was placed in the Ring Magazine in 1927 and is chock full of information about the studio one year after Joe settled in New York. 8×10 glossy photo


Atlas Bench Mat.

Listed for sale in the Atlas catalogue, this ad covers all you need to know about the Bench Mat. 8×10 color photo.


Atlas Accessories

The top four items in this ad were sold by Atlas for Joe Pilates. Unique listing of items Joe used when giving lessons. 8×10 color photo.


Atlas Spine Corrector

This ad shows one variation of the spine corrector not typically thought of. 8×10 color photo.


Atlas Treatment Table

A variation on the Cadillac table, with a very specific description of how it should be used. 8×10 color photo.


All Four Atlas in One

Don’t have room for four photos? Then this is the one for you. Collage contains the Bench Mat, Accessories, Spine Corrector and Treatment table into one 8×10 color glossy photo.



The Pilates Pamphlet Return to Life, 1st edition

Included is a copy of the original pamphlet written by Joseph Pilates and his good friend, Frederick Rand Rogers, in 1957. Additional articles feature a brief bio of Rogers, a bio of the artist John Terken (who sculpted the bronze bust of Joe featured on the back cover of the original pamphlet), a list of Pilates’ famous clients, and an account of one of those clients about his experiences with Pilates. A surprise photo of Joe is on the back cover. Cost covers postage worldwide.


The Pilates Pamphlet Return to Life Through Contrology, Second Edition, Jacob’s Pillow

Along with a copy of the original pamphlet written in 1957, this edition includes a copy of the introductory letter that was sent out to clients and prospective clients of Pilates. A brief history of Jacob’s Pillow and the connection with Pilates is outlined. New updates feature Nedda Casei, an opera singer that took lesson with Joe three times a week for seven years. Joe’s friend and personal barber, Tony Carlino, is also profiled. The cost covers postage worldwide.